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Ross Antworth is a native of Gondola Point (Quispamsis), New Brunswick and gained all his formal education in N.B. graduating from the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton from the school of Business Administration. 

Involved in snowmobiling since 1972, he has served the NBFSC as their General Manager since August 5th, 1997. He became involved in New Brunswick’s organized snowmobiling first in 1994, serving on the organizing committee of the first Snow Trek in 1995. He then assisted his local club, the Keswick River Trail Blazers as Vice-President and President. In October 1996 he was elected to the New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Club’s (NBFSC) provincial Board of Directors as NBFSC Zone 4 Director.

Today he recognizes that the passion of those he represents have placed the NBFSC, “A Volunteer Organization” into the enviable position of being the province’s only true winter tourism product; Snowmobiling is recognized as New Brunswick’s Winter Tourism, by successive governments. This was backed up again by N.B.’s Tourism, Heritage & Culture (THC) in a 2015 Tourism Economic Impact Study. Snowmobiling tourism generated $32.7 million in tourism economic impacts that winter. During a New Brunswick winter, no other tourism sector is even measured.

Today he represents the NBFSC provincially, nationally and even internationally.

Provincially, he was appointed to the government’s provincial Trails Use Policy Committee. He also has been appointed by the Minister of Natural Resources to a voting seat on the province’s Trail Management Trust Funds Advisory Board. He has represented the NBFSC on the 1997 provincial Task Force on Snowmobiling Safety and in 2002 on the provincial Task Force on ATV Safety. More recently, in 2014 the province appointed him to the Natural Resources Provincial Advisory Committee; its main role is to provide advice to the Minister on the overall protection and management of the provincial network of Protected Natural Areas, some of which contain authorized Snowmobile Trails.

During 2005-2007 he represented the voluntary sector on the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s Atlantic Task Force on Insurance Availability and Affordability. In 2008-2009 at the invitation of the province’s Minister for the Community of Non-Profit Organizations Secretariat he represented the voluntary sector again, on the Secretariat’s Community Non-Profit Insurance Committee.

Since 2009, he has also served as an Associate Director of the New Brunswick Trails Council Inc., representing snowmobiling to the Active Living trail shareholders.

Nationally he represents the NBFSC at the Board of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO). He is currently serving the CCSO as a member of the National Safety Committee, representing Atlantic Canada. The CCSO represents organized snowmobiling in Canada and was established in 1972.

Internationally he was proud to be elected in 2003 as Chair of the International Association of Snowmobile Administrators (IASA). He was the first Canadian to hold the Chairmanship of the IASA and did so for four consecutive terms, 2003-2007. Today he serves the IASA as the Canadian representative on the IASA Trail Committee. He also Chairs the IASA Awards Committee and Chairs the IASA Nominations Committee. The IASA represents USA, Canada, Sweden and Russia and was created in 1974 at meetings in Minnesota.

In June 2008 at the 40th International Snowmobile Congress in Boise, Idaho he received the IASA Award for Professional Excellence for Administrators. This award is given to the Snowmobile Administrator who has excelled in their responsibilities and achievements. The Professional Excellence award is awarded at the IASA AGM.

In May 2009 at the Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick’s (TIANB) AGM, in Caraquet, N.B. he was awarded the Province’s Tourism Minister’s highest annual award. THC Minister Stuart Jamieson announced that the Minister’s Annual Award for Tourism Excellence for 2009 recipient was Ross Antworth of the NBFSC.

In November 2012 at the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organization meetings in Ottawa he was awarded with The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Federal Minister for Employment and Social Development after being nominated by the NBFSC Board of Directors. The Medal is a commemorative medal created in 2011 to mark the 60th anniversary of the accession to the thrones of Queen Elizabeth II. The Canadian medal, is to "honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians,"

In June 2013 at The 44th International Snowmobile Congress in Green Bay, WI he was inducted as the first snowmobiler from New Brunswick into the industry’s prestigious Iron Dog Brigade, after twenty years of involvement. Back in 1975, several early pioneers in the sport of snowmobiling thought it would be good idea to form an “Old Timers Club”. They were the founders and employees of different manufacturers, including Edgar Hetten, founder of today’s Arctic Cat and Polaris, and, while fierce competitors, realized the industry could benefit from such a group working together to promote the new sport. Ross is proud to have been recognized by his peers in North America having been sponsored by the Past and Founding President, Kay Lloyd (Washington State) of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA).

During his 19-year tenure as General Manager he has witnessed major legislative changes all in the support of the sustainability of the NBFSC and more importantly, in the growth of N.B.’s winter tourism. In 1997, mandatory personal liability insurance; in 2000, mandatory Trail Permits were accepted; in 2007, dedicated Trail Enforcement was granted and in 2010, liability indemnification was granted to landowners, volunteers, clubs and the NBFSC in the form of today’s Rider Responsibility. In June of 2013, the first significant revamping of the Province’s Off Road Vehicle Act in more than two decades saw legislative changes receive Royal Assent for the 2014 season under the guidance and support of Public Safety and the NBFSC.

His responsibilities, commitments, committee work and friendships have enabled him to snowmobile in many jurisdictions in North America. In the USA he has snowmobiled trails in Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, South Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. In Canada, his riding includes British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and of course home.

Ross began his career more than twenty years ago with the NBFSC as a club volunteer and today continues that important contribution to his community. He serves as a Coach for New Brunswick’s Special Olympic athletes in the Capital Region coaching the floor hockey team.

Ross continues to be a passionate snowmobiler, covering more than 8000 kilometers of trails of every season. His other passions include travelling, hockey (Go Bruins, Go!), motorcycling with his Spyder, regularly visiting Maine and Quebec and the annual family trip to PEI, every summer.

Ross is married to Clare and has one daughter, Jillian.